Slackware Setup Instructions

Here are a list of all the general things I did to install Slackware Linux 8.1 on the eBox. I must say, the Slackware team have done a great job with 8.1 - half of the tweaks I had on my 8.0 instructions page have been done already in 8.1. Of course it also includes the latest versions of all the included software packages as well.

I make a lot of assumptions here, so you'll probably need to know at least roughly what you're doing (ie. don't just follow these blindly). In particular, with my system Samba is running but NFS is disabled, I'm not using devfs, and I use ext3. Anyway, here we go:


You will need to select "expert package selection" to be given the option of selecting which packages you want to install.


Deselect disksets E, F, T, and Y.


This list describes what you need to select and deselect (differences from the default settings). Anything else, just leave it as is. The idea here is to create a cut-down installation with the necessary libraries and utils so that you can compile and run most applications if you need to, but without all the junk that you don't need (ie, exclude most desktop and server apps). Of course, feel free to adjust this list to suit your preferences.

Adevfsd, genpower, jfsutils, loadlin, lprng, pcmcia_cs, reiserfsprogs, umsdos_progs, tcsh, xfsprogs
APapsfilter, a2ps, ghostscript, gimp-print, gnu-gs-fonts, hpijs, jed, joe, ksh93, mc, mt-st, quota, raidtools, rexima, seejpeg, zshat, cdparanoia, sudo
Dnasm, python
KDEkdeaddons, kdeadmin, kdeartwork, kdeedu, kdegames, kdegraphics, kdenetwork, kdepim, kdetoys, koffice
Napache, bind, bitchx, dhcp, epic4, fetchmail, inn, ipchains, lynx, mailx, metamail, mutt, ncftp, pidentd, popa3d, ppp, procmail, sendmail, tcpdump, tin, trn, ytalkntp, samba
XAPFvwm, fvwm95, gimp, gnuchess, gv, imagemagick, mozilla, netscape, rxvt, sane, windowmaker, xgames, xfce, xfractint, xsane, xvim, xxgdb
GNOMEabiword, bug-buddy, dia, enlightenment, eog, eterm, evolution, gaim, gal, galeon, gedit, gftp, ggv, ghex, glade, gnome-pilot, gnome-pim, gnome-print, gnome-userdocs, gnome-utils, gnomeicu, gnotepad+, gnumeric, gqmpeg, gqview, gtk-engines, gtm, gtop, guppi, nautilus, pan, pilot-link, sodipodi, xchat, xalf



Tune startup


In case you didn't already know, Samba allows Windows machines on a network to access files (and printers as well) on your Linux machine through My Network Places/Network Neighbourhood, and vice versa.


For a system like the eBox, it's worth recompiling the kernel so you have what you need and no extra junk. If nothing else, it will speed up starting the machine.

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