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As you can see if you've been here before, I've changed this site from one single page to a proper site that is much easier to navigate. I need to add photos and more instructions, which I will do over the coming weeks.

13 April 2002

I spent a few weeks investigating the various options. I purchased the following parts new (with comments as to why I chose these):

I already had a spare mini-tower ATX case for initial testing, and my DVD drive (a Pioneer DVD-103S slot-loading type) so I assembled the PC and turned it on. The CPU fan started, but nothing happened. I tried all settings, searched on Google and DFI's website, nothing to indicate why. I then tried my P3-500E CPU in the new motherboard, which worked, and then the new C3 in my old Abit BE6, which also worked. So I emailed DFI to ask why they wouldn't work together. No response after one week. Emailed again, a week later, still no response. A week after that I emailed the DFI sales address complaining about the lack of support, and got a reply the next day. (This is not the first time I have had to do this sort of thing in order to get support from a computer company, but this does not in any way make it acceptable). Apparently, despite stating that the Via C3 700MHz is supported, my particular CPU is a "Samuel 2" and is actually - wait for it - not supported, even though it works in a motherboard which is over 2 years old (the BE6, which is Intel 440BX based, detects it as a Celeron 700). I replied, but I haven't heard a thing from them yet. DFI's level of support has appalling as far as I'm concerned.

Anyway, I decided to press on, and left the C3 in my second machine as it seems to work fine. The entertainment box would have to put up with a P3-500E, which while not too shabby, it's not exactly a screamer by today's standards either. Still I thought, it should be plenty for DVD playing and video capture, as it had been until I purchased my current main machine.

With the hardware now functional, I was first going to install Red Hat Linux 7.2, because that's what I've been using for a while now on my main PC. But then I decided I wanted something fairly lightweight since I was going to be compiling everything new myself, so I wouldn't need RPM or any of the other stuff that you get with RH. So I installed Slackware 8.0 which I had on CD already. The installation went smoothly, although I can't say I like the installer.

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