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Similar projects

Other people are also working on similar projects to the eBox, and some of them have also documented their experiences on the web. Most of these concentrate on the software side of things.

Linux software packages alone: (I haven't tried most of these yet)

Don't forget there's also my own work in progress - eboxy. If you have done something similar to the eBox or written some software package that might be useful, let me know.


This is probably only of relevance to New Zealanders, but I buy my PC hardware from Ascent, because of their excellent service and convenient web ordering system. Electronic parts I usually get from Jaycar or Dick Smith.

Windows alternatives

There are some really impressive Windows GUI software packages coming out for making eBox like devices, so if you're going this route check these out:

As far as hardware goes, I could only recommend an ATI All-In-Wonder card for this kind of application under Windows - this is what they are designed for, and the supplied software is reasonably good (cheaper capture cards usually come with junk software and dodgy drivers).


About me

See my website if you want more information about me personally. You can email me at

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